Essential Oil Snore Relief Roller Ball Recipe - The Creek Line House (2024)

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This snore relief roller ball recipe really works wonders! Great for snorers who don’t want to wake anyone up or who just want a better night’s sleep!

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If you’ve ever slept in a room with someone who snores, you know how unpleasant that can be. It can lead to anything from being annoyed for a few minutes to being dangerously sleep-deprived if it goes on for a long time. If you are the person who snores, your sleep will usually be affected too, and that’s just not good for anyone.

Snoring can be a sign of something more serious, so definitely check with your doctor if you have any concerns. Snoring can often be helped by a number of lifestyle changes, but this little snore helper I have for you today uses essential oils.

I’m not going to say who does the snoring in our house, but I will say that I noticed a distinct difference in the frequency of snoring when I was using essential oils one time, and that’s what led me to investigate this a little further. 🙂

I was using a blend of essential oils onenight to help with some mild cold symptoms I was having and I noticed that these particular oils seemed to help alleviate snoring as well. I did some reading and some testing and found that a few of the oils that are used to help open up airways during a cold are also great for snorers! In my snore relief recipe, I kept those essential oils (Peppermint and Eucalyptus) and also added in Marjoram oil (for its expectorant and antispasmodic qualities) and Lavender oil for its ability to calm the nervous system and help with a good night’s sleep.

Here’s how you can make my recipe in a roller ball to use every night!

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To a dark glass roller ball bottle, add:

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Fill your bottle until it’s about 1/2-2/3 full with a neutral carrier oil. I use fractionated coconut oil, which is basically just a liquified coconut oil. place the roller ball top securely on the bottle and then the cap. Flip your bottle up and down a few times to allow all of the oils to blend together. Make sure you add a label to your bottle so you know what’s in there!

Not only is this blend quite effective, it also smells really really great too. It’s one of those weird things that you just can’t stop smelling for some reason. 🙂

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To use this essential oil blend at bedtime, use the roller ball to applyto your chest and neck area (or the chest and neck area of the snorer in your home). You can also diffuse these scents using a diffuser (maybe 2 drops of each), but I find that applying the oils topically is a bit more effective for things like this.

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I should mention that the oils that you see in the pictures are the oils that I usually use at home and they’re from PURE, where I get most of my essential oils. You need to order directly from them, so let me know if you’re interested and I can get you some more info. Just leave me a comment or send me an email. 🙂 The PURE oils go through 9 different purity tests and are super high quality. They’re also about 1/2 the price of a lot of oils that you can get from the other big essential oil companies so that’s why I almost always buy from there. 🙂 I linked to some oils from other manufacturers in this post for your convenience so you can see what the bottles look like or buy them instantly through Amazon. This brand that I’ve linked to is the brand that I usually go with if I’m out of something and need to pick it up from a local store and don’t have time to wait to get my PURE order for that month. I find that if I don’t provide enough info about which essential oils I choose and why in these posts, that someone always asks to have that part of things explained a little better. So if you want to know more about this (or anything else I write about ever, just drop me a line!)

As I mentioned before, snoring can be a sign of something more medically serious, so please see your doctor if your snoring is something that’s really causing you concern. This post is not meant as medical advice, as I am not a doctor. Please use what you’ve read in this post for informational and entertainment purposes only.

I absolutely love this blend and I hope you do too! If you have something slightly different that you use to help ease your snoring issues, I’d love to hear about it!

Helpful supplies for essential oil projects like this:

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Essential Oil Snore Relief Roller Ball Recipe - The Creek Line House (2024)


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