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Preston's Summary

Heather Mills is an anchor for 8 News NOW - KLAS CH. 8 in Las Vegas. With a focus on local news, Heather covers a wide range of stories, from community events to profiles of inspiring individuals. She is passionate about sharing stories that impact the Las Vegas community and highlighting the people and businesses that make it unique.

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Geo Focus

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (Local)

Coverage Attributes:


Event Coverage:32%

Private Sector Announcements:10%


Press Release:9%

Profile Feature:9%

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Las Vegas
  • Community Impact
  • Personal Stories
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Business Innovation
  • Entertainment

Pitching Insights

Heather Mills' coverage mainly focuses on local events, community initiatives, and human-interest stories in Las Vegas and Nevada. She shows a particular interest in covering entertainment, business, family & relationships, as well as health and wellness topics within the area.

Given her focus on local events and businesses that give back to the community or support charitable causes, she may be responsive to pitches related to unique local initiatives or success stories of individuals or organizations making a positive impact.

If you have heartwarming personal stories about people overcoming challenges within the Las Vegas community or profiles of entrepreneurs contributing positively to the city's development, Heather might find these compelling for potential coverage.

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Heather Mills - Journalist Profile - Intelligent Relations (2024)


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