Hogwarts Legacy June Patch Is 55 GB in size and Includes PlayStation Exclusive Haunted Shop Mission and Much More (2024)

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The Hogwarts Legacy June Patch has been rolled out and has added the PlayStation-exclusive mission, more content, and many game fixes. On the technical side upscaling features have been updated to AMD FSR 2, Intel Xess 1.3, and NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 along with some cleaned ray tracing effects and improved DualSense/DualShock Controller 1.5.0 PC support. The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop mission, something that’s been rumored to arrive in this update for some time but has been left out of recent updates for this patch, has indeed been included along with its exclusive items and cosmetics. A new photo mode allows players to capture their favorite moments in the hugely expansive game.

The latest update brings the game to Build 1218405 and weighs in at 55 GB. Many other fixes and improvements are also included and listed below in the patch notes.

Build 1218405 Patch Notes (via Steam):

Developer notes

This Patch unlocks theHaunted Shop missionpreviously available only to Sony platforms on all supported platforms, as well as all previously exclusive items and cosmetics, including:

  • TheOnyx Hyppogriff mount.
  • theFelix Felicis Potion.
  • theShopkeeper Cosmetic set.

It also includes new, never seen before cosmetic items, AND a new broom:

  • TheLavender Borealis.
  • TheAzkaban Themed gear.
  • TheCircular Taped Spectacles.

APhoto Modehas also been added to allow players to capture screenshots of their Hogwarts Legacy experience and all their newly unlocked cosmetics. *Photo mode will become available after completing the mission to gain access the field guide.

In addition, this patch also provides players with atalent point reset function, to re-build your ideal Witch/Wizard without having to start a new playthrough. Multiple bugs have also been addressed (Details below).


  • Implemented several updated localized Voice Over retakes for Japanese and Spanish.
  • Fixed the Brazilian Portuguese translation of “Silver Rim Spectacles”.
  • Fixed a Typo in the “Wingardium Leviosa” French spell description.
  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.


  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.
  • Fixed instance where the SFX/Dialogue Volume would become louder than the music Volume while using stereo devices and being set to 50%.HL-12010


  • Fixed instance that made player unable to select field guide pages’ options when accessing the menu while holding down the basic spell cast button.HL-1052
  • Fixed instance where loading a Manual Save or Fast traveling to certain locations would cause alohamora prompts to disappear from magical beast cages.HL-6258
  • Fixed instance where Dark Arts spells would become not equippable after equipping regural spells in loadout 1.HL-643
  • Fixed instance where the mission icon for the last arc of the Broom race would linger on screen after completion.


  • Removed butterflies misleading players to previously opened treasure chests.HL-10269
  • Fixed Instance where using the Swift talent on the edge of the map would cause mission progression to linger on the “Seach for the Rune Symbol” step.HL-15794


  • Fixed instance where the Fountain on Hogwarts grounds flying field guide page wouldn’t count towards the Map Counters or The Bell Tower Wing Sector.HL-2376


  • Fixed instance where Lodgok would occasionally remain stuck inside the Hogshead in Hogsmeade instead of traveling to the Witch’s Tomb, preventing player progression.HL-15831


  • Fixed instance where it wouldn’t be possible for the avatar to climb and reach a treasure chest in the High Keep.HL-15709
  • Fixed instance where the Legendary Masquerade Masks would clip within the avatar’s face when equipped.HL-4453
  • Fixed instance where swimming to treasure vault near Keenbridge would cause the avatar to fly into the air.HL-47


  • Fixed instance where Professor Garlick and Professor Hecat could get stuck moving in the air after leaving the hospital.
  • Fixed instance where a loading screen would cause a cage door to lock up again without regenerating an alohamora lock on it in a bandit camp on the north end of the map.HL-16327
  • Fixed instance where loading a save and fast travelling to any location would make alohom*ora locks disappear from fixed cages.HL-6258
  • Fixed instance where bone clusters would lose collision and fall through the floor when interacted with.


  • Fixed Instance where Loyalist assassin enemies’ attacks would not damage the avatar.HL-16614


  • Fixed instance where blinding lighting VFX would display when exiting the Hallway castle vault.
  • Fixed instance where light changes would be visible when the camera angle shifts while in conversation with Professor Garlick in the Greenhouse.HL-687


  • Fixed instance where setting left handed mode while in the vivarium caused the avatar to drink a potion or deploy combat plants while attempting to access the beasts’ menu.HL-8911


  • Updated Credits


  • SDK Updates/Platform support
    • Razer Chroma SDK support
    • Streamline 2.4
    • DLSS 3.7
    • FSR 2
    • XeSS 1.3
    • DualSense/DualShock Controller 1.5.0 for improved PC support
  • UI
    • Fixed instance where the Spell menu would become inaccessible after binding Spell Selection to the TAB key, preventing player progression.HL-16635
    • Fixed instance where game would freeze whenever two HUDS would overlap.
    • Fixed instance where the background of the menu would flash white when switching to a lower graphics preset.
  • Lighting
    • Fixed instance where moving the camera while on a specific Merlin Puzzle platform in Keenbridge would cause a strobe effect on the lighting.
    • Fixed instance where ambient hues would change abruptly when moving the camera in Hogsmeade.
  • Raytracing
    • Cleaned up rogue semi-translucent meshes in BVH.

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Hogwarts Legacy June Patch Is 55 GB in size and Includes PlayStation Exclusive Haunted Shop Mission and Much More (2024)


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