Meet The 838-HP Track-Only Pagani Huayra R (2024)

By Roger Biermann

A compilation of various motorsport codes rolled into one insane machine.

Pagani has carved a niche for itself in the ultra-exclusive high-end hypercar market. The Italian brand may not have the top speed records of Koenigsegg, but it's arguably just as exclusive, perhaps even more so considering just two core model lines have ever been produced. But while the Zonda may have been the model to originally capture our hearts, the Huayra has, in recent years, become the embodiment of automotive art. Now, as the Huayra nears the end of its lifespan, Pagani has introduced the most distilled version of it yet, a pure track-oriented hypercar with specifications so wild they'd make a pro racer shed a tear. Meet the ludicrous Pagani Huayra R.

After an extensive teaser campaign, the Huayra R has broken cover, an amalgamation of various motorsport codes rolled into one insane machine. We'll start with the heart of the Huayra R, the Pagani V12-R engine, and yes, 'R' is for racing.

Instead of taking any current production engine and up-tuning the engine for the special model, Pagani took more than two years to develop a completely new V12 in partnership with HWA AG - a DTM racing team responsible for engineering components of numerous race cars for Mercedes-AMG. Displacing 6 liters and weighing just 436 lbs, the naturally aspirated motor develops 838 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque, the latter available in a span between 5,500 and 8,300 rpm. Redline occurs at a stratospheric 9,000 rpm.

Power is routed exclusively to the rear axle via a six-speed sequential gearbox featuring race-derived components like a 3-sintered metal disc racing clutch. Lightweight components result in a 176-pound overall transmission weight.

The engine is an integral part of the Huayra R, not just for its propulsion, but for the fact that when attached to the central monocoque, the engine forms part of the core structure of the car, adding to its structural rigidity.

The combination of powertrain components has a unique and exciting soundtrack to accompany it, thanks to a bespoke Inconel 625/718 alloy exhaust system coated in heat-resistant ceramic. The materials used are a third the thickness of traditional exhaust components, resulting in an ultra-lightweight construction and high audio resonance. Identical length exhaust headers for all 12 cylinders result in a unique sound that Pagani likens to that of classic Formula 1 cars. The system has been engineered to allow the optional fitment of mufflers, too, which reduces noise emissions to less than 110 decibels to allow the Huayra R to be used on FIA noise-restricted circuits.

The Huayra R utilizes a composite monocoque chassis integrating carbon fiber, titanium, and chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, with integrated seats and an FIA-approved GT-spec safety cage designed for extreme safety in the harshest of track environments. Combined with the integrated engine architecture, the Huayra R boasts a 51% increase in flexural rigidity and a 16% increase in torsional rigidity over the road-going Huayra.

From a suspension perspective, the Huayra R uses forged aluminum alloy for the independent double-wishbone setup with helical springs and electronically actuated active shock absorbers. Pagani has paid particular attention to the rebound characteristics of the suspension to ensure that bump steer correction and camber recovery have been fully optimized, citing that Spa Francorchamps' Eau Rouge can be tackled without "losing a single millisecond."

Paired with the suspension, Pagani has equipped the Huayra R with Brembo racing brakes - CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs and racing pads within 6-piston calipers front and rear. These are housed within 19-inch forged aluminum-alloy wheels shod in Pirelli P Zero slicks measuring 275 mm wide up front and 325 mm at the rear.

Despite all this complexity, the Huayra R is incredibly light, tipping the scales at just 2,315 lbs dry weight.

The design was always going to be a core characteristic of the Huayra R, as Horacio Pagani has historically believed that cars should be sculpted artfully rather than by science and wind tunnels. This is one of the reasons Pagani refers to itself as an Atelier (artisan) rather than an automaker, and it's the reason why Horacio took the car back to the drawing board after the original goal of 2,204 lbs of downforce at 199 mph had already been met. He and his design team further sculpted the Huayra R for more fluid, shapely lines, only to find that the aesthetic enhancements allegedly increased aerodynamic efficiency, too.

Among the enhancements made are new side air intakes at the front, side outlets to maximize air extraction from the front wheel arches, new wing profiles for greater stability, vents above each wheel arch, and a new roof scoop with an integrated center fin. The underside of the Huayra R is completely flat, while a staunch rear diffuser and wing aid in producing maximum downforce.

The interior received a massive working over, too. In addition to the integrated seats, Nomex flame-retardant six-point racing harnesses, and FIA-approved carbon fiber headrests, the details have been redesigned for a purer experience. As the seats are fixed, the pedal box is fully adjustable and has been designed by AP Racing. Core controls such as traction control, ABS programming, and radio comms are housed on a quick-release steering wheel that has wheel-mounted shift paddles and features height and reach adjustment. Secondary controls are placed on the center console, like engine and suspension maps, lights, and brake balance selection. In place of standard infotainment is a motorsport dash display logging all vehicle telemetry.

Just 30 units of the Pagani Huayra R will be built, all exclusively for track use and bearing a price of 2.6 million Euros ($3.1 million) excluding tax and all 30 are already spoken for. Those who partake in ownership will belong to an exclusive club Pagani refers to as 'Arte in Pista' or 'art on the track', whereby the brand itself will organize track days at the world's most prestigious circuits throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, replete with professional drivers and Pagani engineers on hand.

Meet The 838-HP Track-Only Pagani Huayra R (2024)


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