My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (2024)

April 1, 2023 — last updated March 26, 2024 by Kalyn Denny21 comments »

After Easter you’ll need to use up hard-boiled eggs, and this post has all of My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers!) And there are more than 25 recipes here for the best deviled eggs I could find! I hope you see something interesting you want to try!

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My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (5)

Just in case you find yourself with leftover hard-boiled eggs after Easter, here are My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes, plus many, many more interesting and creative ideas for deviled eggs from other Food Bloggers. In fact, I think this post will help you find some of the best deviled eggs recipes on the internet!

And I’m sure the week after Easter has to be the biggest week of the year for people to be making deviled eggs! I absolutely love boiled eggs, even plain with a little Vege-Sal, but Deviled Eggs is definitely my favorite thing to make with hard-boiled eggs. And deviled eggs are a perfect treat for low-carb eaters, and you can never have too many good recipes for deviled eggs, right?

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (6)

Deviled Eggs Start with Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs:

You need to make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs before you make deviled eggs, and I have a post with several great methods for cooking the eggs.

More recipes using Hard-Boiled Eggs:

If you’d like to make something besides deviled eggs with your hard-boiled eggs, check out my collection of Low-Carb and Keto Recipes using Hard-Boiled Eggs!

Here are My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes:

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (7)

Spicy Deviled Eggs (with Chipotle and Lime) have two flavors I love!

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (8)

You can’t go wrong with Deviled Eggs with Green Olives, and if I had to pick just one recipe, that might be my choice.

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (9)

And how about Sriracha Deviled Eggs! Who doesn’t love Sriracha?

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (10)

These Tarragon Mustard Deviled Eggs are fantastic.

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (11)

Shrimp Deviled Eggs are delicious, with spicy flavor from Wasabi or Dijon.

More Deviled Eggs Recipes from Other Bloggers:

Want even more ideas for eggs?

You can use Eggs Recipes to see all the recipes on my site that use eggs!

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (12)

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originally published on Apr 1, 2023 (last updated Mar 26, 2024) by Kalyn Denny

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  1. Jean PhillipsReply

    I’m having trouble finding the recipe for your Best Deviled eggs. I see it referenced in the article but can’t actually find it. Any suggestion? I don’t use Pinterest.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      This is a round-up post featuring deviled eggs recipes from my site. To see any of the individual recipes, click the recipe title in the post.

  2. Richard BakerReply

    Why is it that when I get an email featuring a recipe that piques my interest, and click on the link, I can pin the recipe, or click on links for a dozen or two related/similar recipes, but find no means of actually reviewing the featured recipe BEFORE pinning it? It’s maddening! I’ve even resorted to searching the recipe by name on your site to no avail.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      I am completely confused as to what you mean by “actually reviewing the featured recipe BEFORE pinning it?” I am going to e-mail you and see if I can figure out what you are having trouble with. There shouldn’t be any function on the site that has anything to do with whether or not you pin the recipe.

  3. Risa DankwerthReply

    The link to the cilantro avocado deviled eggs is corrupted. Leads to very objectionable material. Please fix ASAP.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      Sorry you had that experience; it looks like that person is no longer blogging and the site has been taken over. I have removed the link. THANK YOU for taking time to tell me!

  4. ChristineReply

    What a fabulous collection of deviled eggs recipes. And you included one of mine! Thank you so much, Kalyn, and a very happy Easter to you!

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      My pleasure Christine, and Happy Easter to you too!

    • Dolores NelsonReply

      Any recipe can be used for egg salad — when you are too lazy to do the work.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      Yes, it's always good no matter how you make it, right?

  5. NeelReply

    love the recipe. We have an Indian twist to it, and given the twist its no-where near the original …and we still call it devilled eggs!! if you want to sneek peek- you can take a look at my blog.

  6. Sarah CaronReply

    My kids go crazy for deviled eggs. Can't wait to whip some up for them. And some of those sriracha ones for me. Mmm.

  7. AmyReply

    I LOVE all these variations on deviled eggs! They all look great. I have wanted to try smoked salmon and dill ones, and now I'm re-inspired!

  8. Kalyn DennyReply

    Thanks Justin, just fixed the link. Sorry about that!

  9. JustinReply

    The link to the ideas for hard boiled eggs isn't working. Any chance you could fix the link? We have tons of dyed hard-boiled eggs that we need to find something to do with. Thanks, love the blog.

  10. Kalyn DennyReply

    Lydia I love the idea of using avocado to replace the mayo; brilliant.

    Barbara, never enough good recipes for deviled eggs!

    TW, me too! Happy Easter to you too!

    Joanne, you must try them!

    Shirley, my pleasure to feature it. I loved the idea of pickle juice! So glad've been enjoying that recipe ; Happy Easter!

  11. gfe--gluten free easilyReply

    Awww, Kalyn, what a surprise to see my post on Mom's Deviled Eggs here today!! I was getting ready to just share your link on my gfe FB page and then did the quick skim of all your links here, grinning from ear to ear when I saw my link. 🙂 Thanks so much, dear! I wonder if we could have a deviled egg tasting party some time … maybe cutting the eggs into quarters for sampling. That would probably be messy, but effective, right? I mean after all "full size" deviled eggs are pretty filling.

    By the way, speaking of mom, we're going to mom and dad's house for Easter today and she specifically requested that I make your roasted garlicky green beans with the red peppers. We all love that dish!

    Happy Easter, Kalyn! Hugs,

  12. JoanneReply

    You know, I've never really gotten into deviled eggs but a lot of these flavor combinations sound awesome! Definite need-to-trys.

  13. T.W. Barritt at Culinary TypesReply

    An amazing selection – I love deviled eggs! Happy Easter, Kalyn!

  14. BarbaraReply

    My eldest son is famous for his devilled eggs. I must get his recipe. Happy Easter Kalyn.

  15. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)Reply

    So many great ideas here for deviled eggs! (And, really, they're always first to do at any party or holiday meal.) Thanks for including my Sriracha-avocado variation; I love that they have no mayo, but taste every bit as creamy.

My Best Deviled Eggs Recipes (plus Deviled Eggs from other Bloggers) (2024)


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