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Ambassador Mesganu Meets with Austrian Ambassador in Ethiopia

Jun 13, 2024 123

Addis Ababa, June 13/2024(ENA) State Minister Ambassador Mesganu Arga met today with Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Simone Knapp to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries. Ambassador Mesganu expressed hope that the longstanding relations between the two countries would be further strengthened through various engagements, particularly in the economic sector. The Austrian ambassador highlighted the activities of some Austrian companies in Ethiopia, as well as the ongoing plans to send an Austrian business delegation to Ethiopia in October. The two sides noted the importance of sharing experience between Austria's strong medium-scale businesses and their Ethiopian counterparts, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They have also discussed efforts to build the capacity of Ethiopians involved in the mining sector by linking higher institutions and the Ministry of Mines of Ethiopia with relevant bodies in Austria.
Ethiopia's Aviation Sector Safe, Says International Civil Aviation Organization

Jun 13, 2024 148

Addis Ababa, June 13/2024(ENA)-The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has confirmed that Ethiopia's aviation sector is free from any safety issues. The announcement comes after a comprehensive audit conducted by ICAO's team of experts in Addis Ababa. The ICAO audit, which took place over the course of nine days, involved in-depth assessments across various areas, including inspections at Bole International Airport and other key aviation facilities, as well as a thorough review of the country's legal and regulatory framework. The audit was carried out by highly qualified professionals, marking the first time such a comprehensive assessment has been conducted in Ethiopia in over a decade. Civil Aviation Safety Director Asrat Kejela, who coordinated the audit process, hailed the results as a significant accomplishment. He highlighted the country's longstanding history and reputation in the aviation sector, dating back to the historic first international flight from Addis Ababa to Cairo in 1946, and Ethiopia's status as a member of ICAO. The director emphasized the extensive reform efforts undertaken in recent years to strengthen the aviation industry, contributing to this positive outcome. He expressed gratitude to the various institutions and leaders who played a pivotal role in this success. While celebrating the achievement, Asrat affirmed that Ethiopia's commitment to ensuring safe aviation operations would continue to be a top priority. He also disclosed that the detailed audit results would be made publicly available by ICAO in the coming weeks. The confirmation of Ethiopia's aviation safety standards is a remarkable milestone that not only upholds the country's reputation but also paves the way for Ethiopian Airlines to expand its global reach and accessibility. This development instills confidence in companies operating within the aviation sector and reinforces Ethiopia's position as a leading player in the industry.
Ethiopia to Pursue Transitional Justice Through Independent Justice Process

Jun 13, 2024 163

Addis Ababa, June 13/2024(ENA)- Ethiopia's State Minister of Justice, Belayhun Yirga said the government is committed to a neutral and professional transitional justice process, avoiding any intervention that could compromise its integrity. Ethiopia has made various attempts to resolve human rights violations, conflicts, unwarranted narratives and abuses that had occurred and continued to persist in different eras with a wide range of victims and perpetrators. These approaches have not brought about the desired solution as they were not implemented in a manner of universal transitional justice based on truth, reconciliation, mercy and justice and guided by a clear policy in an inclusive, human rights-oriented and flexible way. Hence, a Transitional Justice Police has been developed with a view to managing and implementing the transitional justice process in an organized, integrated and effective manner at the national level. A multi-disciplinary panel consisting 10 highly educated experts from academia, legal profession and others has been constituted in the effort to develop the policy, the state minister stated. This independent taskforce has so far conducted over 60 public workshops and consultations nationwide and developed a comprehensive "green paper" policy framework, he added. As a result, the Green Paper transitional justice policy has been prepared and endorsed by the council of ministers. The objective was to devise a policy grounded on the country's realities by involving all stakeholders - victims, women's groups, CSOs, regional states, the federal government and the general public, he noted. The government seeks to pursue transitional justice through a reconciliation process tailored to Ethiopia's unique context, the state minister told ENA. Transitional Justice mechanisms are utilized by countries emerging from periods of conflict or human rights violations to address past abuses and transition to a normal justice system, he elaborated. Ethiopia has been grappled with recurring violence, conflicts and human rights violations under different regimes that remained unaddressed. "These recurring issues have now become fundamental problems requiring a comprehensive solution outside the regular justice system," the state minister stated. In this regard, implementing transitional justice through reconciliation is very important for Ethiopia, he underscored. While drawing on global best practices, he stressed the need for a reconciliation process fundamentally rooted in Ethiopia's context and the diverse situations across the country's different regions and communities, Belayhun explained. As part of the policy implementation process, several institutions will be established including the truth and reconciliation commission, special attorney general and courts, he indicated. A draft roadmap containing detailed activities to be carried out during the implementation phase of the policy has also been prepared. Key elements under consideration include accountability, mechanisms to investigate abuses, provisions for amnesty and reparations, institutional reforms, incorporating customary justice systems, and clearly defining federal-regional state roles. The government hopes this reconciliation process fosters lasting peace, accountability and healing in Ethiopia. "By establishing a robust accountability system, we aim to deliver a genuine sense of justice to aggrieved parties," the state minister affirmed.
Foreign Affairs State Minister Confers with UK Special Envoy to Horn of Africa and Red Sea

Jun 13, 2024 222

Addis Ababa, June 13/2024(ENA)-The State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mesganu Arga, received and conferred with Alison Blackburne, UK Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea today. The two parties thoroughly discussed bilateral relations, current situation in Ethiopia as well as peace, security and economic development issues in the Horn of Africa region. They also exchanged ideas on ways the UK can support the international community’s efforts to bring about peace and stability in the Horn of Africa as well as its role in enhancing trade and investment. The Special Envoy expressed that the UK is committed to supporting the ongoing Transitional Justice and National Dialogue efforts of Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
PM Abiy Confers with Foreign Minister of Djibouti

Jun 13, 2024 369

Addis Ababa,June13/2024(ENA)- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with the Foreign Minister of Djibouti, Mahamoud Ali Youssouf. The premier shared through his social media channel: “I welcomed Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, the Foreign Minister of Djibouti, to my office this morning. Minister Youssouf came bearing a message from President Ismail Omar Guelleh.” Such exchanges serve as vital channels for dialogue and cooperation, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration on bilateral and regional matters of shared interest, Prime Minister Abiy stated.
Ethiopia Extends Condolence Over Tragic Plane Crash Claimed Lives of Vice President of Malawi

Jun 12, 2024 368

Addis Ababa June 12/2024 (ENA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended deepest condolences to the bereaved families, friends, the Government and people of the Malawi for the loss of Vice President of Malawi, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima and other nine Malawians. The ministry said in a statement that Government of Ethiopia and its people stands in solidarity with the Government and people of the Republic of Malawi during this difficult time. The ministry offers prayers for the peaceful repose of the souls of the departed. Saulos Chilima and nine others were flying within the country on Monday morning when their aircraft disappeared from airport radars. The plane, a military aircraft, was flying in bad weather, according to media reports.
Ambassadors Hope Ethiopia Will Ensure Sustainable Peace through National Dialogue

Jun 12, 2024 784

Addis Ababa June 12/2024 (ENA) Russia Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin and Armenia Ambassador Sahak Sargsyan have expressed their hope that the ongoing national dialogue would enable Ethiopia to ensure sustainable peace and affirmed their support for the consultations. The ambassadors had an exclusive interview with ENA on the ongoing National Dialogue in Ethiopia. Ambassador Terekhin stressed on the occasion the significance of Ethiopia’s inclusive national dialogue to maintain long-lasting peace in addressing the various grievances. All the concerned bodies need to therefore engage in the national dialogue so that the outcome could ensure sustainable peace across the country. The ambassador quoted the speech of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed about the national dialogue stating that no win can be reached by force because in this case there will be a winner and a loser; and the loser will think about revenge. Hence, sustainable peace can’t be ensured in this way. A win-win outcome will only reached through dialogue that enables to maintain sustainable peace, Ambassador Terekhin underscored. Of course, it’s a hard task, he noted, adding that sometimes it is very difficult to overcome grievances easily and move forward. But it can be possible through dialogue. ''That is why we strongly support the initiative for the dialogue. We are ready to help. We will do all what we can to support Ethiopia’s effort to hold a successful inclusive national dialogue.'' Armenia Ambassador Sahak Sargsyan also appreciated Ethiopia’s effort to solve national issues through national dialogue. According to him, the Armenia government is keen to support the effort of the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission in various ways. All stakeholders need to keenly get involved in the national dialogue for the process to be successful, he added. Noting the success of the activities carried out with respect to national dialogue, he expressed his hope that Ethiopia will ensure sustainable peace following the outcome of the dialogue. ''Of course, such issues take time. Many other countries had overcome the difficulties they faced, and Ethiopia can also solve its problems in this national dialogue.'' Ambassador Sargsyan expressed his wish that wisdom will prevail. The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission concluded the agenda setting consultative chapter in Addis Ababa on June 4, 2024 after 7 consecutive days meeting. Similarly, agenda setting consultations will be held in all of the 12 regions and the Dire Dawa City Administration as well as at federal and diaspora levels.
Procedural Laws under Preparation to Establish Institutions Vital for Transitional Justice Implementation

Jun 12, 2024 460

Addis Ababa June 12/2024 (ENA) The preparation of major legal, procedural and content documents to establish various institutions stipulated in the proclamation for the implementation process of Transitional Justice is underway, Minister of Justice Gedion Timotheos disclosed. The last 100 days of Council of Ministers performance evaluation meeting was held in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The Minister of Justice has presented an evaluation report on the performance and state of affairs of legal and justice affairs, on the meeting. Speaking on the evaluation session, Minister of Justice, Gedion reported on the approval of the Transitional Justice Policy Document and related matters. The Transitional Justice Policy document was approved following extensive studies and consultations conducted with stakeholders in an inclusive and participatory manner, the Minister elaborated. The Minister added that a road map was prepared to implement the policy and legal, procedural and content development activities are being prepared to establish the institutions required to effectively implement the policy. The Minister further noted that laws and procedures have been prepared and implemented to effectively conduct reforms in the justice system at national and regional levels. He also mentioned about the activities being carried out to implementing the proclamation on the procedures of justice administration system and to ratify and implement the criminal procedure code. According to him, a model law has been prepared relating to the use of traditional courts and dispatched to regional states. Gedion noted that his ministry will further focus on improving the administration of society focused justice to ensure that citizens get better services at community level. Proclamation on the management of legal administrative procedures and criminal justice procedures are several of the areas on which the ministry will focus in the future, he remarked.
Ethiopia, Morocco Agree to Collaborate on Peace Building Activities

Jun 11, 2024 655

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA)Ethiopia and Morocco have agreed to work together on peace building and national consensus efforts, according to Ethiopia's Ministry of Peace. State Minister for Peace Building and National consensus at the Ministry of Peace Kairedin Tezera held a discussion with Moroccan Ambassador to Ethiopia Nezha Alaoui. During the discussion held today the State Minister said Ethiopia and Morocco have a long-standing relations in terms of culture, religion and people-to-people ties. Keiredin noted that the Ministry of Peace is carrying out various activities to ensure lasting peace and strengthen national consensus among other basic nation-building efforts. ‘’Today's discussion will create a favorable condition for the future activities of Ethiopia and Morocco on peace building and solidarity.’’ Morocco’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Nezha Alaoui, expressed her appreciation for Ethiopia's ability to surmount the challenges it is facing from which Morocco can draw a great lesson. The ambassador added that, Ethiopia and Morocco will continue to work together on peace building and national consensus. He said Morocco will open the King of Morocco Mohammed V Foundation in Addis Ababa to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and invited a delegation including leaders of the Ministry of Peace and religious leaders to visit Morocco. In addition to this, Ambassador Nezaha revealed that Morocco is preparing to establish a joint commission of the two countries.
State Minister Confers with Greek Ambassador to Ethiopia

Jun 11, 2024 602

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA) Foreign Affairs State Minister Ambassador Mesganu Arga received and conferred with the Ambassador of Greece to Ethiopia, Anna Farrou at his office today. On the occasion, State Minister Mesganu stressed that Ethiopia and Greece should enhance their longstanding relations in the people to people, economic and political spheres. He reiterated the necessity of regular political consultations for the attainment of stronger bilateral relations. The two sides also deliberated on issues of mutual importance, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ethiopia, Russia Reaffirm Commitment to Further Expand Bilateral Ties

Jun 11, 2024 1094

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA) Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie held a fruitful discussion with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. The two ministers held the discussion on the sidelines of the BRICS Foreign Ministers meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. They discussed ways of strengthening cooperation under the BRICS framework, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry. The Foreign Minister also reaffirmed their commitment to further expanding the historical bilateral ties between the two countries. A two-day meeting of the BRICS Foreign Ministers chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is underway in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. Within the framework of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, a separate meeting will also be held with the participation of a number of countries of the Global South and East. This is the first meeting of foreign ministers since the expansion of BRICS in 2023. Now, full members of the association include Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
FM Taye Confers with Chinese, South African Counterparts

Jun 11, 2024 1007

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA) Foreign Affairs Minister Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie held very productive discussion with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi and Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Foreign Minister Taye and Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi exchanged views on how to further deepen the “All Weather Strategic Partnership” of the two countries in many areas of cooperation. Similarly, ambassador Taye discussed bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest with South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation. The two ministers also exchanged views on how to implement the strategic partnership agreement, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie is participating in the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Relations meeting taking place in Nizhny Novgorod, the Russian Federation from 10-11 June 2024. This is the first meeting of foreign ministers since the expansion of BRICS in 2023. Addressing the meeting, the Minister emphasized that Ethiopia greatly values its BRICS membership. He highlighted the various measures Ethiopia has taken to enhance its active role in the BRICS family in line with its national development priorities. Ambassador Taye also reaffirmed Ethiopia’s resolve to the collective pursuit of peace and progress, inclusive and sustainable development, as well as effective multilateralism.
Book Chronicling Decisions of Council of Ministers from 2018-2023 GC Launched

Jun 11, 2024 644

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA) A book chronicling the decisions of the Council of Ministers from Ethiopian calendar 2010 to 2015 (2018-2023 GC) was launched today. The Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, commenced its 100-day performance evaluation meeting today, initiating proceedings with a comprehensive review of key sectoral performances.The book was launched alongside this session, Office of the Prime Minister disclosed. This publication meticulously highlights the pivotal policy decisions formulated during that period. Produced as part of the ongoing documentation efforts of the Press Secretariat Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister, this book represents an addition to the body of annual documentation works. These limited edition prints launched today will be disseminated to essential Federal and Regional institutions, while the digital version will be made publicly available on the Office of the Prime Minister's website.
Ethiopia, Philippines Emphasis Importance of Enhanced Economic and Financial Cooperation

Jun 11, 2024 492

Addis Ababa June 11/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia and the Philippines emphasized the importance of further strengthening their relations in economy and finance. Ethiopia’s Ambassador to South Korea and non-resident Ambassador to the Philippines, Dessie Dalkie, met with the Undersecretary of Finance of the Philippines, Jovez Z. Balbosa. The two sides exchanged views on economic and financial cooperation and partnership between Ethiopia and the Philippines, according to Embassy of Ethiopia in Seoul, South Korea. During the discussions, Ambassador Dessie Dalkie noted that Ethiopia and the Philippines have enhanced their diplomatic relations, which date back to 1960. Ambassador Dessie underscores the importance of further strengthening their relations in economy and finance. He also urged the undersecretary to encourage Philippines investors to look into investment potentials in Ethiopia. Additionally, ambassador Dessie pledged to collaborate to enhance investment, trade, and the exchange of expertise in the economic and financial sectors between the two nations. Hence, the Ambassador urged the establishment of a memorandum of understanding between the two nations, with a particular focus on avoiding double taxation to facilitate and enhance economic and financial cooperation. Jovez Z. Balbosa, on his part, stated that the Philippines also seek to further strengthen its financial and economic relations with Ethiopia. In addition to trade and investment, workforce exchange between the two nations could also be an area of cooperation, as the undersecretary explained.
Ethiopia’s Finance Minister Handovers PM Abiy's Message to Amir of Qatar

Jun 10, 2024 741

Addis Ababa June 10/2024 ( ENA) Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide handed over a message sent by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani today. Ahmed had also a discussion with the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, according to Ethiopian Embassy in Doha, Qatar. On the occasion, the minister handed over a message from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
Ethiopia’s Ambassador Mahlet Presents Her Credentials to Pope Francis

Jun 9, 2024 1091

Addis Ababa, June 9/2024(ENA)- Ambassador Mahlet Hailu has presented her letters of Credence to His Holiness Pope Francis, accrediting her as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the Holy See, with residence in France at the Pontifical audience that took place on Saturday at Clementine Hall. During the ceremony, His Holiness said the noble work of diplomacy, on both the bilateral and multilateral levels, aims to promote and enhance such values, for they are indispensable to each person’s authentic and integral human development, as well as to the progress of all peoples. In this perspective, Pope Francis encourages the efforts of ambassadors to foster the common good, protect the fundamental rights and dignity of all and strive to build a culture of fraternal solidarity and cooperation. He also stressed the need for building bridges between peoples, not walls as lofty responsibilities for diplomats and for having a common ground, mutual understanding and concrete expressions of social friendship are all possible.
Public Discussions Held in Various Towns Across Nation on Need to Tackle Aid Dependency

Jun 8, 2024 1331

Addis Ababa, June 8/2024(ENA) Public discussion forums held across Ethiopia today under the title “From Reliance on Aid to Productivity for a Full-fledged National Sovereignty and Honor.” The public forums' goal is to inspire the people to take steps with a view to realizing their potential, ensure prosperity and tackle aid dependency. Senior officials from Federal and Regional States have discussed with representatives of residents of towns in various regions on the importance of hard work among all citizens of the country with a view to ensuring better development and prosperity. During the discussions religious fathers, elders, and other segments of the communities of the respective regions have capitalized on the need to enhance unity in order to safeguard the sovereignty of Ethiopia and realize its all-round successes. The participants underscored that all citizens have to work together to ensuring peace as it is a prerequisite to realizing sustainable development and food sovereignty in order to become free from dependency on foreign aid. They mentioned ongoing initiatives of the government to enhance agricultural and industrial productivity citing the encouraging achievements registered in green legacy, wheat development and the Bounty of the Basket (Ye Lemat Trufat) programs as viable instruments to tackle aid dependency.
High-level Saudi Delegation Visit Will Boost Relations: Ambassador Almotairi

Jun 8, 2024 1107

Addis Ababa, June 8/2024(ENA) The recent visit of a high-level Saudi delegation will further bolster trade and investment as well as bilateral relations, Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Ethiopia Fahad Obaydallah Alhumaydani Almotairi said. Recall that a high-level Saudi Arabian Investment and Trade delegation comprising 79 investors and officials from the Chamber of Commerce, held a three-day visit aimed at enhancing the trade and investment relations between the two countries. At the conclusion of their visit to Ethiopia, the high-level delegation met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The discussion with the premier focused on investments in agriculture, housing, and tourism, with special emphasis on local fertilizer production, according to the Office of the Prime Minister. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Saudi Arabia Ambassador Almotairi said the recent exchange of high-level officials and business delegation show the growing relations between the countries. “Recently the Saudi-Ethiopia relation has had a lot of development. The foreign minister of Ethiopia has been in Saudi Arabia, and now we are witnessing the high-level Saudi delegation in Ethiopia.” Saudi Investors are looking forward to establishing a great business deal with their Ethiopian counterparts, he added, noting that the two chambers of commerce signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together. Signing of the memorandum will allow for the expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries, it was learned. According to Ambassador Almotairi, Saudi investors are now focusing on investing in many business sectors like agriculture, mining, logistics and banking industry among others. He believes that such activities will further elevate the two countries’ bilateral relations. The ambassador praised Ethiopia for the major reforms it has undertaken in various sectors, ranging from improving policies to restructuring institutions to encourage foreign investment in various sectors. Ethiopia's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Lencho Bati said for his part that Ethiopia has huge arable land, ample water, and good climate, among others, as Saudi investors have the desire to invest in agriculture, real estate, mining, and tourism sectors. He noted that the recent visit of the high-level Saudi delegation to Ethiopia will be instrumental in further enhancing bilateral relations. According to him, the reform Ethiopia is undertaking in various sectors will be a massive opportunity for investors. Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have more than 70 years of diplomatic relations, and the visit is a testament of the development of the relationship between the two countries.
Armenia, Ethiopia Have Potential to Consolidate Collaboration in Various Areas: Ambassador

Jun 7, 2024 1326

Addis Ababa, June 7/2024(ENA) Armenia’s ambassador to Ethiopia Sahak Sargsyan said he is working to consolidate the collaboration between his country and Ethiopia in various sectors including education, tourism, industry, mining, trade among others. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador highlighted the historical relationships between the two countries. According to him, the two countries share common history and quit strong religion and culture ties for several centuries. Even if the two countries had strong historical ties, their modern diplomatic relationships was reestablished in recent few years, he indicated. He said the linkage existed between Ethiopia and Armenia for centuries in terms of religious, historical, and cultural will be instrumental to further strengthen the ties of the countries. Currently, the Armenia embassy has already been opened in Ethiopia and the government of Armenia working to promote multi-sectoral relationship with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is important for us (Armenia) not only due to the two countries have strong historical ties but also we have shared vision in the future together with Ethiopia,he said. " We share similar values together with Ethiopia and I am trying to promote the collaborations between the two countries in various areas including education, industry, mining, trade among others.” The ambassador expressed hope that the ties of Ethiopia and Armenia in business and investment will be strengthened in the near future by organizing visits of the business communities of the two nations. "There are plans; we are working on, to organize these trips very soon. We have seen a lot of potentials in Ethiopia such as in tourism in which there is a big interest by Armenian in Ethiopia." The ambassador specifically, talked about the existing tourism potential in Ethiopia indicating the remarkable tourism sites across the country. There is a big interest among the larger public to visit my country and similarly a big interest of Armenians to visit Ethiopia, Sargsyan stated. With respect to this, the embassy is working with the Ethiopian Airlines to organize tourism trips, he indicated.
South Sudanese Diplomats Successfully Conclude Training in Addis Ababa

Jun 6, 2024 1483

Addis Ababa, June 6/2024(ENA) Twenty South Sudanese Diplomats completed a comprehensive three-day training program, organized by the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) in collaboration with FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Upon completion of the training, State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mesganu Arga extended his congratulations and stated that the training is tailor made to equip the diplomats with valuable skills to navigate complex challenges in their future diplomatic engagements. Such platforms will play a role in strengthening the longstanding ties between Ethiopia and South Sudan, as stated by the state Minister. During the closing ceremony of the training, Natalina Edward Mou, Ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan, expressed gratitude to IFA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for organizing the program. The participants were awarded certificates of completion, acknowledging their successful participation and attainment of the training objectives, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry.
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